School Board Meeting… few bits of interest

The lobby of City Hall filled up quick last night for Tuesday nights school board meeting. It was a mix of teachers and parents alike, all there with the possibilities of discussing the recent hot topic in New West about a teacher and some low grades = concerned parents.   Meeting Chair Janzen announced from the top of the meeting  that it was not the forum to discuss personnel. Full stop.  The parents then came forward with requests for changes to the complaint process.  Either in support of change or stating the changes they want – they made their voices heard.

Assistant Superintendent Al Balanuik presented information to revise the current field trip forms especially for those trips that involve high-risk activities, such as skiing and snowboarding.

Janet Grant put forward a plan that would show the removal of a parent rep from the District Review Committee or DRC.  The matter was divided between the trustees so it will be revisited February 7.

Overall most items of the evening were moved forward to the next meeting for discussion or review.

One last entry to the agenda was a project the grade 4, 5 and 6 kids do for local paper The Record.  It is an art project. The kids create an ad for local businesses and their artwork is printed in the local paper. It is a  project that has been done before but voices from some trustees were unfavourable on it.. so the call for the project’s future has yes, moved forward to another meeting.    Wonder what the vote would be if the kids had their say…


I am a Langara journalism student and this blog will set out to cover what is going on in the City of New Westminster.

As I begin to build this “beat” and follow the latest of city hall,  the school board as well as new and hopefully interesting things going on in the city.

I hope you will benefit just as much as I will.

Stay tuned.. much more to come ..